So Simple Even A Dirt Farming Peasant Can use


I ran across this doozy on facebook this morning. Maya added me to this FB group a few weeks ago and told me “this is the dumbest gun group I have ever seen.” Thats really saying something when it comes to FB gun groups. They are full of all kinds of “helpful advice” from people like the guy above.

He managed to get the mag stuck in his AK pretty impressively. I have seen this happen so many times I can’t count. Which always makes me chuckle. The AK is so simple any third world dirt farmer can use it. The gun really isn’t all that ergonomic with its controls though. The safety for instance. The magazine rocking is used on other models and I have never liked it. Of course these things can be over come with training. But that doesn’t make it great. I could learn to drink pepsi if I choked it down over a long enough time. That doesn’t make it Coca-cola.

I don’t want to say the AR15 has spoiled us. That’s not exactly right, but it has set a gold standard for ease of operation.


  1. I suppose I should learn something about AK’s.

    Some here might snort and guffaw about me not knowing anything about AK’s, but here’s the deal guys: if you’re going to work on guns, it pays returns to learn about the guns people pay you to work on.

    People pay me to work on double guns, Colt/S&W/Ruger revolvers, bolt action rifles, lever/pump action rifles, pump/semi-auto shotguns, etc, etc.

    Few, damn few, people have paid me to work on an AK.

    Political situations being what they are, I think it is time I learned something about AK’s.

    So: What’s a good way to get started learning about AK’s?

    • I’d reckon you’d know most if not more than you’d need to. They’re incredibly simple firearms but it all boils down to the fitment of parts.
      I’d say to pick up a parts kit or two and dive into the guts. If you’re talking about being able to build from scratch or bending a preformed receiver flat you need a jig and press of course. Setting rivets is easy with the dedicated jigs but they’re not necessary if you understand what you’re trying to accomplish.


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