A Self Correcting Problem

Shell casings

Even though it has some of the strictest unconstitutional gun laws in the country, that doesn’t stop the urban diversity from getting their hands on firearms. How this happens is anyone’s guess. Since I am assured that gun control laws work, I have no idea myself, Maybe it’s Trump’s fault. Or bordering states. Or maybe the criminals break those laws?

A man has died after he was accidentally shot by his own passenger Sunday in a Park Manor drive-by on the South Side. There goes another future doctor, or lawyer or NASA scientist I’m sure. Sad Panda.

Matthew Gibson, 26, was pronounced dead Monday at Christ Medical Center in Oak Lawn, the Cook County medical examiner’s office said. He lived in Hegewisch on the Far South Side. Now who will cure cancer!

Jake Lee, the alleged passenger who shot him, has been charged with aggravated battery with a firearm, and is expected to face a murder count, according to Cook County prosecutors. Lee, 27, of Englewood, was denied bail during a hearing on Tuesday. Blue on Blue fire is truly the most tragic.

Prosecutors portrayed the fatal shooting of Gibson as a drive-by gone bad. Is there such a thing as a drive by shooting gone good?

Gibson was driving about 5:40 a.m. in the first block of West 71st Street when he pulled alongside a white SUV waiting to make a left turn, prosecutors said.

Jake Lee arrest photo
Jake Lee arrest photo

A gentle giant if I’ve ever seen one.

Lee, seated in the front passenger seat, began firing at the SUV with a .40-caliber handgun ( of course it was ..) and accidentally shot Gibson in the head, prosecutors said. Even with the gunshot wound, Gibson was able to drive more than two miles to the 6700 block of South Marshfield. A 22-year-old man was also wounded in the shooting. Doesn’t make a very good advertisement for the terminal ballistics of the 40 short & weak does it? No one tell urban diversity, they love them some “FORTAY.” This may save lives.

Prosecutors said Gibson was brain dead on Monday, but was kept alive so his organs could be donated. Looks like Gibson will actually be of some good in this world perhaps. At least if not in life than in death. Surveillance video of the shooting did not appear to show shots being fired from the white SUV, prosecutors said.

Lee was paroled April 21 after serving eight years for a 2011 conviction for aggravated battery with a handgun, according to Illinois Department of Corrections records. Sounds like he did us all a favor and took -2 scumbags back off the streets! Things are looking up all the time!



  1. I would say if there were not innocent folks around airdrop .40 till they are done,but,unfortunately as they are bad shots a bunch of bystanders would get killed

  2. Since Illinois went shall-issue CCW a few years back, Illinois gun laws aren’t that bad anymore. It’s a much better state for gun owners than, say, Massachusetts or Hawaii.

    • Guns & Ammo ranked Illinois #41 out of 51 (including DC) in the US for 2018, ahead of MA, HI, MD and NJ, and not far at all behind states that are considered pro-gun like MN and NM.

      My point is that pretty much any law-abiding person in IL can carry a pistol if he wants to. That just ain’t so in places like MA, HI, MD and NJ, any of whom would gladly trade their states’ gun laws for Illinois’s laws. I doubt many Marylanders would trade their gun laws for Massachusetts’s laws or vice-versa.

      Illinois is taking a bad rap for Chicago laws that went the way of the dodo with the McDonald Supreme Court decision.


        • And more to my point, it’s easy to conflate Chicago gun laws of 2008 (or whatever pre-McDonald era) with Chicago gun laws of 2019, which are an entirely different creature. Illinois is shall-issue. If you want a CCW, you can get one. There are millions of gun owners stuck in places like MA, MD, NJ, NY and HI who would love Chicago’s 2019 gun laws.


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