Australia. One only needs to look to the land down under to find a perfect example of how all murders can be ended , with just ultra strict gun laws and confiscation.

A woman in Australia has been arrested on murder charges after she allegedly decapitated her mother Saturday following an argument in front of a 4-year-old grandson, according to police.

Oopsie! Well that’s embarrassing.

The New South Wales Police Force said in a news release the incident happened in Sydney just before midnight, when authorities were called to a home after reports of an argument between a 25-year-old woman and her 57-year-old mother.

The 25-year-old, identified in Australia media as Jessica Camilleri, was covered in blood when she knocked on her neighbor’s door to tell him she killed her mother, Rita Camilleri. Authorities found the elder Camilleri’s body inside the family home that had sustained “multiple injuries.”

Neighbors told they rushed to the home after hearing the “violent argument,” but discovered the 57-year-old’s head lying on the sidewalk.

While McFadden did not publicly address the decapitation reports, he said a number of knives were used in the “horrific” attack. Clearly they need strict knife control like the UK. Time to turn them in mate. Crocodile Dundee will have to carry a whistle instead.

Jessica Camilleri appeared in court on Sunday, and claimed she couldn’t move her fingers properly or wash the blood off after “the incident,” 7 News reported. Poor thing.

She also claimed to be “in agony,” and said she suffered from several mental health issues. She has since been referred for a medical assessment. I’m not a brain doctor but I am gonna go out on a limb and say cutting your Mom’s head off and pitching it out into the sidewalk isn’t the actions of some one with a healthy mind. My 1st grade understanding of criminal behavior does lead me to believe that the knife is clearly to blame though.

A police strike force has been formed to investigate the killing, and authorities spent Sunday combing through the neighborhood for any evidence.

“The detectives are now working meticulously through the information available to us, but it’s a very difficult and challenging investigation,” McFadden said. “It is also in its very early stages and as you’d understand there is still a long way to go in this inquiry. The mad slasher killing her Mom and admitting it to the neighbors and police apparently makes this a hard case to crack. Why she would take the blame for something her knives did is anyone’s guess. With Top. Men. like this one the job we can see why murder is never an issue down unda !


  1. I saw on TV news the quote where she referred to decapitating her mother as “the incident”. Sorta like saying that “some people did something”.

    I guess we’re starting to catch up.

  2. The problem with the leftoid idea that the real danger is in the weapon is that the idea is inherently wrong. The weapon is immaterial; the real danger is in the minds of men and women. If you are of a mind that says “I need to kill that person…”, then nothing at all can really stop you. Nothing.

    Look at the recent attack in Japan on that building full of anime artists. See any weapons, whatsoever? No? All you see on display there is the raw desire to kill, and the will to enact those desires. You can’t legislate that crap away, or make it evaporate with a law. If someone wants to kill, they’ll find a way. If not a gun, then a knife, if not a knife, then a club. Or, gasoline, poison, you name it. Any regime banning weapons has loopholes that the mad can find. Hell, I bet money that you could conduct a substantial mass murder with just the contents of the janitor’s closet in most public buildings–If that was what you wanted to do.

    The only thing a weapons ban does is make it harder for the honest citizen of good will to defend themselves against those with evil intent. Nobody wants to disarm you that doesn’t, in the end, intend to hurt you.

    • Funny, and sadly, that is what I was trying to say with the Overmatch article. As the good guy, use what you have to fight the bad guys.
      Gun nuts, especially, get so tied up in thinking about the shooting equipment that we forget about the tactics or alternatives.
      I see overmatch as another case of the big army trying to solve a software problem with a hardware solution.
      I could see it now, all our troops running around with 6.5 creedmoors and someone in procurement saying, “Too much recoil, too slow to shoot, and a low hit rate leads us to need to field a low recoil alternative, HK MP7s for all”


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