S&W Model 19-5 PawnShop Find


Every now and again you can walk into a pawn broker and come across some nifty little pieces for dirt cheap. Last summer I was in the local gunstore/pawnshop with my Dad and he saw this little S&W and asked me to buy it for him. I couldn’t say no to him so I did end up buying it. He carried it in his tackle box when fishing a few times then when he became to ill to even go fishing anymore, it ended up back with me.

As you know, I’m not much of a revolver guy and I still struggle to shoot them well. Even with all the helpful tips from commenters with more experience and love for the 6 shooter. Shooting nothing by the 1911 for 34 years will make a DA revolver trigger seem like hell. I shot this one DA from bench and bags from 20 yards to do my best with it. Loads were a couple different Federal loads of 357 magnum. I feel I did pretty good considering me and DA revolvers are like a monkey doing a math problem.

The after market safari-land larger grips made the gun easier to shoot for me. I loathe the tiny factory wood grips these guns usually have. I’m guessing I’m not alone in that. These are pretty comfy for me though the wood doesn’t soak up the full power magnum rounds recoil very well. The blued finish on the gun is still ( not NRA grading) excellent. Those older Smiths did have some handsome finish. The adjustable sights was one of the main selling points to make me agree to buy it. They are easy to use and see. No surprise there since S&W has been using them since dirt was young.

It’s a pretty neat little gun for a used pawn shop gun find. What I will do with it I have no idea. Probably trade it in on another 1911 some day.


  1. I bought a .22 LR double action revolver many years ago along with a 5,000 round case of ammo which I went through in 3 months of practice.
    The pistol I used was so inaccurate at first I almost sold it cheap, but it kept getting more accurate as I worked through that case of ammo…

  2. I have a Model 19 with a 4 inch barrel among my stock of guns. I’m an old wheelgun guy and have the reverse problem to you. I love the long revolver DA trigger stroke, and have trouble with the crisp trigger on my STI 1911. I tend to anticipate the recoil on that gun and shoot low and left, and it’s taken me years of practice to get to the point where I can shoot it well.

    Lucky we have both options to choose from!

  3. That is a sweet piece, man, and as they say, they don’t make ‘em like that anymore.

    My $.02 is that you should keep it and get better with it. If you can master a double-action trigger, then you can handle any kind of trigger.

    I’m sorry to hear that your dad is in poor health. My father is quite healthy, but slowing rapidly with age. It is hard to watch these mighty men as of old slow down before us.


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