Anyone need a fuel filter?


Or what about this one?

These things are all over the place, ebay, wish, amazon, etc.


  1. When I was young it was “Sten Gun Kits” for $20 or so, a few bucks more and they’d throw in a threaded tube marked with the cuts needed to make a new reciever.
    “Deals” like this are sometimes referred to as prosecution futures…

  2. “Siri, what’s a honey trap?”

    But hey, if we ever get an NFA amnesty, those suckers are going to sell as fast as they can make them.

  3. I find it delightful.
    Defiance and resistance to the power elite is the most legitimate thing imaginable.
    The Fudds will need their safe places and ninny bottles.
    My safety pin is shaped like an AR firing pin.

    I’m a law honoring American, was raised to respect the rule of law, say fuck you to rule of men.
    I learned this about legitimate governance back in school when it was taught us dirt people, it was considered proper, and simply what you did as a respectful part of civilization. A kind of contract of a civil society.
    I avoid taking part is such activity, because I was also brought up to be prudent, to be accountable for my actions, and consider the consequences of my actions before I act.
    Yet, do I see this activity as wrong, or right? That is a great question.
    What I see is people, not government, are proper to self determine themselves and activities. Maybe I’m classic, or old school anarchist, or maybe just a good red blooded American, got rebellion and revolution runs in my blood by natural birth.
    It is kind like Marijuana. WTF? I dont smoke the shit. But, tell me, who made who gods, you got some special powers can outlaw a fucking weed, regulate it, tax it, control it?
    Whats wrong with this picture.
    Bueller! Ferris Bueller!?

    And where do you draw the line here? Bump Stocks and Arm Braces: give me a fucking break. How fucked up that dichotomy? Or 4 inches difference in the length of a barrel, but you can have a sawed off shotgun because of a loop hole. Am I in the Outer Limits TV show or something? Can you spell insanity? And how, no, let me rephrase that, what, power exists legitimately where you arbitrarily, suddenly, without his say so or voice in the matter, outlaw a mans property, and make him a felon and criminal, for something he owns and paid for with money he earned honestly with his sweat, and was taxed for, that pays for those whose salary in the first place gives them special powers to turn around then and deprive that man of his belongings, because “they” say so?


    Seems there is a direct correlation between the defiance of the state and it’s increasing perceived illegitimacy, never mind ominous ever increasing, never decreasing intrusions into every facet of the sphere of our lives, due to there being two set of laws, ones for the little people and none that apply to those in power creating diktat out of whole cloth.
    Lack of Prudence Much?
    Another factor is when you try to outlaw everything, everything becomes legal. Same with people, like now, as White Men we are being literally outlawed as undesirables, traditionally that is referred to as genocide. The UN even defines it thus. One point here when you make a man totally unfree, he becomes absolutely as free as a man can be, he no longer is beholden to his “masters”. And weapons are a most vital component of a mans dignity of Liberty. Try to bullshit me, go ahead, I’ll wait for the fudds, and hoplophobes all day.
    Yet, define what “legal” is in terms of a government that violates the entire concept of the idea rule of law and Unalienable Rights arbitrarily, yet creates, arbitrarily, out of whole cloth inalienable laws it can change for whatever whim arbitrarily.
    Einstien had a definition of that, something about not solving our problems using the same thinking that created the problems to begin with, and something about the unlimited heights of stupidity man has a pension for. Like having to spray wind turbine blades with de-icer from a helicoptor in the winter. Green energy man! Globullshit colding dude.

    These fuel filters are an unmistakable sign little people are becoming insurgent. Open source defiant. this is grass roots resistance. But like with censoring free speech. They can try to control proscribed bad think, but “they can not stop the message”.

    People have this natural legitimacy to change things from tyranny to liberty. It is the only legitimate power which exists. All other powers are one form of enslaving others activities or another, are illusions of power people are set under by others who presume to have unlimited power those over others, they are simply usurpations. Assumptions of power that violate others natural freedoms and liberty to self determine, to be self reliant.
    Those features of rightful liberty scare the shit out of some. No doubt the resistance is futile crowd will have a hissy fit over my comment here. Thats OK, they justify the legitimacy of the Freeman, because they are really desirous of controlling some aspect of that Freeman’s liberty, because they are fearful of such accountability of self. What I say makes them uncomfortable. Tough shit motherfucker. You need to know what an axe, a shovel, and a rifle are for, because you forgot you chicken shit motherfucker.

    These solvent traps = too many leaks in the dike, not enough ruling elite fingers.

    Besides, only thing stopping me from fabricating a weapon suppressor is me and my prudence. I simply choose to avoid the potential troubles, I have priorities. But the means and the will and audacity, the motive power to defy the tyrants exists if I was to build an “illegal” firearms suppressor.
    To me that is what matters. Who the fuck is going to stop me? Only me. Thats free will baby. Thats Liberty.

    By the way, how did that whole prohibition thing on alcohol during the 1930’s work out?
    Caused more problems then it solved. Couldn’t leave people to figure out shit on their own because those in power don’t trust the little people. Funny. Aren’t they people too who put their pants on one leg at a time?
    Same ones who just tried to pull a palace coup on a duly elected sitting President?
    Scratch my head, but who made them special?
    Man you can’t fix the stupid implied here.

    Same thing with the stamp act on class II weapons. Once people say screw you ATF, what are they going to do? Shoot everyone? They should be grateful, we ain’t shooting them. It is heading that way.
    And 80% or home built weapons. How can a few thousand agents and armed badged leg breakers stop everyone? And we all little folk are behaving ourselves, being polite and yes sir, no sir. They must understand soon as people choose to fight back the jig is up and its on like donkey kong. They run out of enforcers of the ruling class diktat long before the little people run out of fight.

    Is there any more stupid, preposterous, as these weapons “laws”? Criminals ignore them. The law enforcement community violates them with abandon. Massachusetts bans suppressors across the board. Go check the armory at the criminal justice school in Natick, I think it is located there, they have every concievable class II and infantry size destructive weapon made.
    What was that about obeying the law? What? Can’t hear you.

    But brother, do I get a freakin kick out of seeing others defy and resists the powers that be on such harmless inanimate stupid objects. Power to them!

    Gives me pause to hypothetically say one day, Pass me one of those full auto lower parts kit please.

    Great blog. Great. Glad you got back into it. Appreciate you.

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