Truly, is there nothing that drug addicts won’t do? Apparently not. At least in WV.

BOONE COUNTY, W.Va. (WCHS/WVAH) – West Virginia State Police are seeing an alarming drug trend in Boone County. If you know anything about Boone Co. You will not find anything that follows surprising. No offense to any Boone County Hilljack reading.

Police said on Monday said wasp spray is being used as an alternative form of meth.

“We’re seeing this here on the streets in Boone County,” Sgt. Charles Sutphin said. “People are making a synthetic type methamphetamine out of wasp spray.” Clearly the government needs to ban this awful chemical. That will solve the war on drugs.

State Police now have reason to believe it played a role in three overdoses last week. As Hognose would say, “think of it as evolution in action”

“In my opinion, drugs are so bad around here. It’s so available to people, and then all the time trying things new that we wouldn’t even think about,” Diana Ferguson said. During a Doctor visit a few months ago ( My Doc is in WV which is across the rive from me) He told me the local pharmacy was robbed, not for what I thought but for erection pills. Not because some one needed them for what you think either. Apparently the dope heads found that if you inject it into the veins it makes the high from snorting pain pills last longer. How these idiots find these things out is amazing to me. They can’t hold a job or do anything useful but they can figure out things a chemist wouldn’t think of if it means getting high.

On Friday, stores in Boone County reported selling nearly 30 cans of the spray. Clearly a waiting period and background check on wasp killer is in order! There is nothing stopping kids from buying this chemical weapon!

Sgt. Sutphin said the physical effects are erratic behavior and extreme swelling and redness of the hands and feet. The idiotic behavior and poor judgement is not part of using the chemical but is already present in the end user.

“From what we’re being told, if you use it, you know, you might use it one or twice and be fine, but the third time when your body hits that allergic reaction, it can kill you,” Sutphin said. No great loss there if so.

The challenge is how to treat these symptoms and prevent the use of this legal, cheap product for harm. What’s the challenge? Just let Darwin run it’s course. Mourners submit flowers. Self solving problem.

“It’s a cheap fix, and you don’t know what their overall result of their usage of this is going to be,” Sutphin said. I’m guessing assuming room temperature and going Tango Uniform there chief.

State Police in Boone County are working closely with poison control and local medical centers to determine best treatment for someone using wasp spray as a drug. They are also in the process of putting this information out to other local agencies in West Virginia and potentially nationwide. I smell more state control ahead.


  1. The can already says on it that it’s against federal law to use it in any way not in accord with the printed instructions.

    So I’m surprised that this is a problem at all, really.

    But jokes aside, that injecting-the-boner-pills trick sounds like the tweeker version of an urban legend. I’d rate the likelihood of that improving anyone’s high at less than 0%.


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