That Shooting Accessory You Didn’t Know You Needed Until Now


You ever been doing something that you’ve done a million times and think “man I wish there was something to make this easier? I was fighting a tube or quad rail forearm one day while trying to shoot the smallest possible groups I could off a bench and thought about how annoying it was. “if only there was some attachment..” “The gov should pass a law!”

well there was, I just didn’t know it. Later on I mentioned this to Howard who had been thinking the same thing at some point or another. Unlike me though, Howard decided to do something about it.

Now, this isn’t some original idea to either one of us. Things like this have been around for a while. But it is something hand made by Howard. He can do that with all the tools available to him at work. I haven’t looked at the other options carefully so I am not sure how they mate the piece to a picatinny rail. Howard’s solution is pretty simple and clever, using something like the base of the standard factory ACOG mount. It works. Works perfectly.

It works perfectly on sand bags or my more sophisticated benchrest front rests. I’m sure most of you have fought with the same problem at some point at different levels. Bipods are great, but they are not close to idea for shooting off bags or BR for squeezing out all possible performance from the gun and yourself. Shooting the smallest groups you can for testing can be hard work. Sometimes it takes me hours to shoot groups sometimes when accuracy testing some gun or ammo and fighting with the forearms over bags just makes it even more of a PITA. This has removed all that frustration.

The smooth base allows the gun to move straight back and consistent during recoil. That is important. Believe me it makes a big difference. Accuracy results are results of everything acting the same, being the same and moving the same. Even things you may not have thought of. This is why bipods are for field use, not for serious BR use unless you have nothing else and even then don’t expect your best results.

As you can see, I been using in on the Colt Accurized Rifle ( CR6724). The round tube fore arm makes shooting off of bags or my rest a real pain with out this thing. Now that I have Howard’s sled, it is a joy to shoot from a rest.


  1. Cool idea and nice execution. I had an idea recently to do something similar. Instead of the plastic plate that you set on a bag, why not a small sandbag that mounts directly to the rail?

    Oh, OT: Howard, the header images are showing in a goofy aspect ratio on my iPhone 6. Drop me an email if you want a screen shot.

  2. FWIW: Benchrest competitors go a step further and add an additional bag-riding sled to the rear of the stock. Their bag rests are also designed to trap the sides of these sleds to insure consistency.

    I know that Evolution Gun Works (EGW) sells dedicated front and rear bag riders for mounting to AR10/AR15-type rifles.

    • They go even further than that. Some use what they refer to as a “rail gun” which has the forearm of the rifle riding on a rail that allows it to recoil freely to the rear. I’ve seem one fellow who added strip of material to make this slicker. Some rear stocks with rounded tubes to ride in the rabbit ear rear bags and some without using any sand bag at all


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