Worst unboxing video ever, Perst-2


After I got to use the Russian Zenitco Perst-4 green and IR laser. I decided to sell off some of stuff to pay for a Perst-2, which adds a white light and a IR illuminator. I’ll do a proper review after I get to use it more, but my first impressions are that I like it.

Here it is on a side rail on a carbine so you can see the size. Note that the bulk of it ends up below the bore line.
Another picture showing size
You wouldn’t want to run this on a gun with a fixed front sight, as it obstructs the white light. Despite this, the light still is plenty functional.


  1. 1.2 W laser illu is wow. blind your opponent or burn out his nvg, lol.

    Visible green laser (18 mW).
    IR laser (850 nm, 20 mW).
    IR laser illuminator (850 nm, 1200 mW) with adjustable focus.
    Flashlight (740 lm).


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