SMG Shoulder Holsters


The topic of shoulder holster rigs for SMG popped up in a few places last week. This got me thinking about them. Back in the 1980s it was more common to see these. Well, more common than now I have no idea how common they actually were or if they just looked cool and showed up in film and TV. The above rig was at the time supposedly what the US Secret Service used on protective detail. I don’t know about that. I do know the photos from when Ronaldus Magnus got shot ,there was brief case laying on the ground with a foam cut out for an uzi inside it.

I recall reading an article from the time about the UZI rig and how the practice was to keep it in the holster with the shorter 20 round mag in the gun and then two spare 32 round mags in the off side. Obviously the shorter mag cut down on printing under clothing. Which is hilarious.

You can see in this Desantis ad the same concept of the shorter mag in the gun and two 32 rounders on the off side. In this case a MAC/Ingram. I’d like to see the person that could fire that thing and hit anything from the position. Reminds me of the double micro Uzi rig used by Chuck Norris in the Canon films action classic Invasion USA.

Also makes me wonder what exactly you could wear to hide the things other than a full on giant winter coat. When I see those things I still can’t help thinking . “Columbine drug cartel”. Hey, what can I say? I’m a product of my times.

Above is the same concept before but with an HK MP5K I believe. Or a clone thereof. I’m sure some one some where knows the situation or jobs these would be perfect for. I think i would opt to just carry a MK18.

The SMG in a should rig isn’t talked about or used seriously as much as it seemed to be back in the day. But people do see appeal in it. The idea of a full auto sub gun carried concealed holds a lot of allure for some people. Superficially it does even kinda seem like a nifty idea but I doubt it is in practice. None of the examples I have shared are all that fast to deploy unless you do a shoot from the hip kinda thing. And we all know that’s never a good idea. Your gonna burst off 20 or 30 rounds in a second, miss everything and then still have to reload. Or you are gonna have to unsnap and unfasten and otherwise divest yourself of that contraption in a hurry if you need it. Maybe if you have back up to cover you , but if you are alone and need it now.. I think a MK18 sized carbine in some of the low profile bags or some such with your normal handgun to back it up would be faster and a better bet. Plus you are getting a rifle round .


  1. I saw a Secret Service agent with a holstered UZI when my dad worked for Barbra Bush, I was a little kid but just stared at the agent until he opened his jacket. He was disturbed yet excited a young kid knew so much about firearms, especially since my father was an interior designer.

  2. I remember thinking something like a backpack that you could have something like a P90 and built in SAPI plates would be pretty slick. Could just flip it open and be ready to respond. Or instead of built in plates just a minimalist plate carrier in there.
    Just sprinkle a few plain closthed guys around crowded areas like that would be pretty secure with out being oppressive

  3. For those of us for whom a sub gun is a little out of range, there’s always this:

    The holster at that link has a tether: push the gun out to the full extension of the tether for some stability, like a single-point sling. I don’t know how effective it is, but it seems like it would help.

    I have thought that something like this could work nicely for a folded Sub 2000.


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