Gettysburg Battlefield


Today is the 156 year anniversary of one of the two most decisive battles of the Civil War. The other being Vicksburg, both of which happened close together. I’ve been to the battlefield 3 times over the years and the last time I was able to take some pictures. Since it is that time, I thought I would share some of those today.

yankee canon on cemetery ridge
The CSA’s high water mark
yankee canon
Union Artillery position
that’s a long field to cross under canon fire
Gen. Warren Little Round Top
20th Maine position on Little Round Top
the slaughter pen at Devil’s Den
Devil’s Den

Above is a picture I took at Devil’s Den looking back at Little Round Top. AS you can see, despite legend and myth, it is not even close to 1,000 yards between the two positions.

CSA position
Mars LEE on Traveler

I have a lot more but I won’t spam the site with them today. If you guys like these let me know and I will share some more over the next few days.


  1. we old guys are still coming to grips with the War Between the States, and the nation as a whole has seen many changes as a result of the war- not all of which are positive.

    those who are ignorant of history will suffer. or their children will…

  2. I used to wargame Gettysburg when I was a kid. Always been fascinated by that battle, and some of the other Civil War battles. Weird for an Aussie, I know.

    Anyway….great pics. They really give a sense of the shape of the ground, which is so important for the infantryman. More please.


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