When Guns Are Outlawed Only Outlaws Will Cut You In Half With Their Car


KNOXVILLE, Tenn.(WVLT)– A human torso was found inside a car during a traffic stop in Knoxville, according to police.

Where is there to go from here?

The upstanding member of the community pictured above. He looks like the kind of subhuman that would run over a man, cutting him in half then driving around with his torso in the passenger seat.

Officers said they made the discovery Sunday after stopping a car they said was swerving between lanes on Interstate 40.

According to investigators, Dorrae Johnson, 29, was heading west near mile marker 388 when he was stopped. Investigators said Johnson yelled out the window that he had to get to his family’s home and then drove away from the traffic stop.

Johnson is accused of then taking the Sutherland Avenue exit, hitting a curb, and blowing out a tire while driving the wrong direction. Investigators said Johnson then hit a utility pole, jumped out of the car, and ran away.

An officer arrested Johnson and turned off Johnson’s car. That’s when the officer said he discovered a human torso in the passenger floorboard. The torso was reportedly missing its lower half, which was later found with its wallet at what police called “the scene of impact.”

Police identified the victim as Daryl Butler, according to the report. Police said Butler was a pedestrian who was hit and killed by Johnson.

The officer who arrested Johnson said Johnson appeared intoxicated. A report stated Johnson said “he knew he was “blitzed.” That’s some mighty fine police work Lou.

When police asked who was in the car with him, Johnson said he and the passenger had switched seats, according to a report Jesus. That is probably the best line I have ever heard from these kind of stories. No wonder the car wrecked, original driver had no legs


  1. One could use said torso for driving in carpool lanes during rush hour,one of those tree airfresheners a heck of a lot cheaper then a ticket for using carpool lane as a sole driver.


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