Russian Perst IR Lasers


I was chatting with some people about IR lasers and I found most did not know about the new PERST lasers on the market.

A few key points to start. In the US we have regulation on how powerful a laser sold to the commercial market is. Those limits do not apply to foreign made lasers. So these Russian lasers are full power. These PERST lasers I am listing also have adjustable power output. The tape switches have a dial so you can adjust the output to suit your environment. Some of these also have a pulsing option. But, they are Russian, marked in with the Russian language, and if you need some warranty work that may be a problem.

That said, for you night owls out there, these PERST lasers seem like a great deal. There are several models, I’ll just touch upon a couple of them.

  • The PERST-4+ is an aiming laser with a 18mw green laser and a slaved IR aiming laser. Price runs about $450. Think like a DBAL-i2, but MORE POWER.
  • PERST-3 has a 18mw green laser, 20mw slaved IR laser, and a 500mW IR illumination. Imagine a PEQ-15, where Tim “The Toolman” Taylor cranked up the power to 11. Price runs about $1,325
  • The PERST-2 is like a PEQ-16 where it includes a flash light built right into it. 18mw green laser, 20mw IR laser, 740 lumen light, and a 1200mw IR illuminator. A couple things to note is that this can run of a rechargeable 18650 battery. Price is about $1,760.

In the world of IR lasers, these are cheap. Compared to the civilian legal US offerings these lasers feel more like the death star. I think I’d rather have one of these than a DBAL-i2 or an old PEQ-2 due to the increase in functionality and smaller newer tech. That said, because these are Russian, imports of them might stop at any time and should you have an issue, it might be impossible to get it repaired.

But, there is a reason US lasers are limited. Our big bro government doesn’t want you destroying your eyes. The Russians don’t care about such things, so these lasers are dangerous. They can, and will, damage your eyes in an instant with out warning. So be safe with them if you use them. Treat your laser like the muzzle of your firearm.


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