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So I was going to write an article about the new screw bore action being developed, but I got distracted.

I never heard of this thing before. A Russian revolver with a .50 cal bore.

It is a 12.7x55mm somewhat like .50 beowulf. The cartridge was made for a rifle, but why not put it in a revolver? Note that it fires from the bottom of the cylinder.

I don’t think this is a gun I would want to shoot much but I am sure that there is someone out there salivating over the idea of making this their CCW piece.

Over in imgur, a clip was posted made by drummechanic showing rain being deflected by muzzle blast.

Ammo choice, barrel length, and muzzle device can make such a big difference in muzzle blast. I recall long ago shooting Norinco .223 ammo and it would make fireballs. Firing an 8 inch 5.56 with a muzzle break felt like being slapped in the face with each shot.



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