Sells Out To Brownells


“Goatboy announced today in general discussion that ARFCOM has now been sold to Brownells. Community Members,

We have exciting news to share with you today about the future of

The News has joined the 2nd Adventure Group family. The 2nd Adventure Group is wholly owned by Pete and Frank Brownell, and also serves as the umbrella company that owns Brownells, Inc. and other industry brands.

The Avila family will continue to run the site day to day and the same moderators will moderate the forums under the same rules for which you are accustomed.


In today’s world of social censorship and the muzzling of pro-Constitutional voices, it’s more important than ever to have a modern, forward-looking place where we can all meet, debate, discuss and create ideas to keep our Second Amendment and our uniquely American freedoms strong for generations to come.

In line with that need, the Avila family has long had a vision for making an even more robust community for freedom-loving people like you. However, we need more resources to help make our vision a reality.

Under the new ownership structure, we (the Avila’s) can focus on developing critical website improvements, which include, but aren’t limited to:
•Easier to navigate forums
•A better equipment exchange
•More content production
•A host of user-friendly upgrades

The Future

We elected to partner with Pete and Frank Brownell because we’ve known them personally for years to be real advocates for both our First and Second Amendment rights. They see the importance, now more than ever, for having a free, unfiltered forum of pro-Constitutional voices and ideas to be heard. Put simply, they share in our vision for the future of

In the near term, not much will change. However, in the not-too-distant future, you can expect upgrades to the site aimed at improving your abilities to connect with friends and fellow community members, learn about new products, debate the topics of the day and interact with our advertisers… all in an effort to make the ultimate voice for freedom.

We sincerely thank you for the 23 years of continued support; we can’t wait to see what the next 23 bring.

In Freedom,

Edward, Juan & Jorge Avila


Like any newly hired employee, Goatboy says all the things you’d expect him to say. Is this good or bad? Usually these things have not turned out well for the websites when sold. I would expect heavier handed moderation than we are already seeing on the ARFCOM. Something that has picked up over the last few years. I skeptical person may even think this heavier handed moderation and drift to more liberalism was even encouraged to make it easier to sell off.

Of course Howard and myself are both paying members of arfcom and have been for over a decade and have seen it go from awesome to not so awesome. A lot of things changed over the last 5 years. The single biggest being the banning or running off of long time expert members and gun industry professionals who use to add a lot of info to the website. Among other more distasteful trends. Mark Larue no longer has arfcom as basically his personal forum to say and do what he wants and instead its now the PSA love fest forum. I do miss Mark’s monthly giveaways. He still makes the best QD optic mounts in our opinion irrespective of his personality

Long meandering blather made slightly longer, I think we will see a rapid slide in quality of the site if history is any example. And it always is. Maybe not though. Maybe arfcom will be an outlier.


  1. I remember when Snjper’s Hide got sold to the Scout network. I never went back to it after that, even though I think Frank got it back.

    Might be a death kneel for ARFCOM, a victim of its own success.

    • I had so many posts book marked on SH due to all the good information. All that gone when they changed. I’ve never gone back.

  2. not a regular arfcommer myself, but sure do remember hognose about ar15com’s poor s/n ratio compared to m4carbine [dot] net.

    hope they do well regardless, if only as a gossip platform.

    • It is much worse now. I see novices ask questions and old timers on the forums spout the meme of the day and then parrot incorrect information.
      Arfcom is more a social site than a gun site.

  3. Well,for those that like AR com I would suggest folks get on/contribute when they can,and……,if needed,call them out if real censorship.I would think(but just a opinion)since owned by Brownells now they would see it as a site to perhaps encourage folks to participate and may get em a few sales.I could also see it as a backlash against Brownell if the site goes in a bad direction ect.

  4. First thing Pete needs to do is fire the Avilas and get some staff who won’t arbitrarily enforce the Code of Conduct.

    • the mods and their modding is a major problem with that site, I agree. they seem to ban or lock based on their personal grudges and PMS mood swings for no really good reason


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