Review: Tasco Riflescope Rings


I am going to be trying out this GRSC 1-10x and I didn’t have any 35mm rings for it. I didn’t feel like buying expensive (read good) rings for a scope I probably won’t keep. I bought some Tasco High Rings for $10.89. Part number TS00725.

I bought those because I needed (read wanted) some other items and I could buy the Tasco rings from the same place selling the other items.

I put the first ring on the rail and tighten it with a torque wrench. I think, “These are pretty nice for ten bucks.” I put the second ring on, and tighten with a torque wrench. It strips out.

I guess I got what I paid for.

I’m going to call this an optic of the week post and rate these a hard fail.


  1. Here’s a tip about scope rings, and some general knowledge of metals/smithing in general:

    Fine threads, be they male or female, in aluminum, tend to work harden when tightened. As a result, when you use a fine-pitch steel screw in fine female threads in aluminum, the threads in the aluminum work harden very, very quickly upon applying a little tightening torque, then the female threads break off and the thread strips.

    As a result, it helps in aluminum to use coarse(r) threads than you might use in steel. This, however, might not be the seen in the screws used on scope rings. In steel, fine threads result in higher strength threads. In aluminum, this results in being able to strip out the threads with an almost trivial amount of torque on the screw.

    For these reasons, I tend to use steel scope rings on heavy-recoiling rifles where the clamping force of the scope rings on the scope & base start to matter more.


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