Retro Wave Shooting Match


This really appeals to me since I never left the 1980s. If you live within driving distance I would encourage you to go if you are a match shooting type and still have those neon colored parachute pants and your pastel sports coat.

What exactly is Retro Wave Shooting? It is the next up and coming fun match. Inspired by Cowboy Action Shooting, RWS is a fun take on 70s, 80s, and 90s Pop Action Movies, TV Shows, and Historical Events. Shooting in Costume isn’t required but encouraged. The idea is simply to have fun.

28-29 September 2019

Where? At Talon Range in Midway, Florida. Just west of Tallahassee.

Talon Range is a professional set up. I can confirm. Spoke with them at SHOT Show and again here in town. They’re all for it. They host IDPA, Steel, USPSA, CAS, and GSSF.

For more info, check out the GD thread that lead up to this.

70s to 90s Themed Gun Matches – inspired by the Cowboy Action Shooting MATCH DATE SET

So pack your wardrobe, get ready to spout some one liners, and rock out at the range as if Reagan was back in office.

Move Over Cowboy Action Shooting, Gen X and Millennial Nostalgia is Creating a New Type of Shooting Sport – Article on The Truth About Guns

Match Rules

Originally Posted By DeltaElite777:
Okay folks.

Registration is set to open at 5PM CDT.

PractiScore link

Starting a PractiScore account is free and simple, and it’s actually an awesome app.


  1. Well Fuck Me Dead, as we say in here Australia.

    I thought I’d seen it all, but evidently not. Pastel purple t-shirts and white pants at a gun range. S&W 686 revolvers (which are manly weapons used by men, and my bread and butter) viewed as quaint historical artefacts. What’s the world coming to?

    But seriously folks…This is a good thing. Anything that gets more people enjoying themselves at the range with gun in hand is to be encouraged.

    Still…I feel some sadness. This brings home to me, as many things do these days, that my time is rapidly passing. I was a warrior once, and young…


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