Want to buy a gun company?


Friend of mine is looking to get a CNC mill for his shop, so out of curosity I looked for used ones of craigslist and I found this gem.


For a mere quarter million you could own a gun company. As far as I can tell these guys made .50 BMG uppers for the AR lower.

Last year, I was reading that the ATF was going to classify bolt action and other non standard AR uppers as firearms in them selves. That would mean a company making them would need different permitting, taxes, etc. And they would not be able to mail an upper to your door step. I don’t know if this happened or not, and I am reading mixed messages about that. That might be why it is for sale.

It doesn’t seem like a bad setup. If any of you feel like buying me an early Christmas present I’d settle for this.


  1. A quarter-mil for that lot seems kind of steep, especially when one considers the cost of moving such machines.

  2. Seems like some nice stuff,I agree given what a friend spent to set up his shop for machining engines though does some prototype work on the side does seem expensive,he did though hit a lot of auctions ect and such taking his time to get the best bang for buck,was also about 8 years back.I wonder if it includes the business/contracts and contacts ect. and perhaps it is worth some monies in it self.

    Craigs is a bit weird in that they do not allow firearm sales but will allow bows/cross bows/knives/seen a few swords ect. and when taken to task by posters about firearms(it’s free folks)and I point out why not look at Armslist ect. on their forums they do list my search suggestions.


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