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I always wondered who looked at that and thought, “That’s a good idea”


  1. I always wondered who looked at that and thought, “That’s a good idea”

    Why,the person with more then two hands for one,also,the person who tires of swapping out magazines,seems optimal for them!

  2. That was the intent but it’s quite the monstrosity. Imagine trying to use the rifle the other 99.99% of the time with all that hanging off the front.

  3. How often do you need five rounds to get through a door? Having a single-shot shotgun under-barrel would be slick, and would probably beat having the PGO gun bouncing off your nuts for the rest of the raid, but that’s a huge magazine hanging off the bottom of that thing.

  4. Now we know! Someone caught them in the act of mating. This is how hybird weapons are created.

  5. How often do you need five rounds to get through a door?

    More often than you would think. Locks are designed to not fail, generally. Also, people who are likely to get their door kicked in are likely to have more than one locked door between them and the door-kickers. Once you’ve blown that first door open, you really don’t want to be fumbling with loose shells to deal with the next one.

    • Interesting. I’ve been eyeing my front door, thinking about upgrading the screws in my hinges and putting on an interior-only deadbolt. I guess I’m not the only one.

      I guess if my choices are to a) carry a pump shotgun just for the breach, and to let it bang against my nuts for the rest of the raid, or b) have that thing hanging off the end of my rifle, I might at least give a good hard look at option b.

  6. How often do infantry/Marines/operators use shotgun rounds to breach doors? Couldn’t some explosive(s) be positioned on the door and the door blown through more cleanly and quickly?

    I’m sure this sounds like a “stupid civilian question,” but as a firefighter, I’ve got some idea what it takes to breach a commercial door without shotguns or explosives, and I know that if I were given a choice, I’d be picking plastic explosives to get through a door as quickly as possible, especially if I wanted to surprise someone on the other side…

    • Explosives are a fair bit slower to set up than breaching with a shotgun. While a few loops of detcord will defeat most doors, you need to have someone who can carry the explosive, deploy it quickly and correctly. Much easier to tell someone to touch the door lock with the muzzle of a shotgun.

  7. I know that they do it, I don’t know how often. (I know that the marine manual says that the preferred method of breaching is a main tank round, which “will also neutralize most combatants in the first room.”)

    I’ve seen demonstrations where they use it on the lock, and others where they attack the jamb or hinges. I would guess that you use this where your ROE doesn’t allow explosives or where you want intel or hostages inside.


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