Larue LT204 CAN mount


I picked up the new Larue LT204 scope mount. The LT204 is a newer version of the classic cantilever LT104 mount. You can get it in 1 inch, 30mm, and 34 mm rings. Best of all, it is about $70 cheaper than the old LT104.

Instead of explaining the story behind it, let me quote Mark Larue:

Because we suspect some of our near and dear competitors have been telling Uncle Sam for years that the LaRue 3/8” adjustment wrench is the chink in our armor. We suspect this because after nearly 1 million legacy LaRue mounts in Uncle Sam’s .mil system, a system that has to be awash in 3/8” LaRue wrenches, they came out with an optic solicitation that specifically specified “tool-less adjustment”. Fine, we’ll play. 

Introducing LaRue “Click Adjust Nut” aka C.A.N. ™ mount. 

It’s essentially our legacy LaRue Combat Proven QD mounts, with the slight change of no wrench needed to adjust the lever to the Picatinny rail. You adjust it by “clicking” the proprietary thumb nuts, much like clicking your scope turrets. It’s very-fine click adjustment is real close to an infinite adjustment.

Something interesting is you can “count the clicks” when switching optics between different uppers, allowing you to predictably maintain the torque on each rifle (and yes, you have to keep up with the scopes clicks, but you have to do that anyhow).

Mark Larue

The tool-less adjustment is nice, but the $70 cheaper is nicer. Lets take a look at the LT204 next to a LT104.

Here you can see the finger adjustable knobs vs the nuts on the legacy mount in back. These knobs have a little resistance, and are low profile. I don’t think they would accidentally move, but they are easy to adjust.
The new mount (below) has a reinforcement on the cantilever section. I have seen a couple of pictures where people have bent this on the LT104 when they dropped their rifle onto the scope.
The LT204 omits the 2 smaller recoil lugs for 1 large recoil lug at the end. Looks like instead of milling pockets, they just had their endmill plunge cut for weight relief cuts.

I’m sure there will be people out there who prefer the legacy LT104, and there is nothing wrong with that, but the LT204 is a nice alternative choice.


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