Mathew Borges, 15, attends his arraignment in 2016.

Mathew Borges, 15, attends his arraignment in 2016. His most egregious crime may just be that hairdo

Teen love is known to cause all kinds of drama. Those kids and their hormones get up to all manner of hi jinx. Prone to mood swings and outbursts and back talk, they got a lot to deal with. From school grades, the paper route a date for the prom, being beheaded by a jealous boyfriend. You know, kid stuff.

Borges killed the Lawrence High School sophomore in a jealous rage after accusing him with sleeping with his girlfriend, causing them to split, prosecutors said in Essex County Superior Court on Monday, according to the Boston Herald.

I think of killing someone and I smirk … It’s all I think about every day,” he texted the girl, according to Assistant DA Jay Gubitose. He is a smooth talker, I will give him that!

The next time you see me, look at my eyes because that’s the last time they’ll be like that. They’ll be dead,” he texted her before the brutal murder, according to the report. With an attitude like that the kid will never get a head in life.

The following day, Viloria-Paulino went missing and his decapitated body was later found by a man walking his dog.

A state trooper later found the victim’s head in a bag nearby.“I thought he’d be taller “the trooper reportedly said.

“Surveillance video showed the two teens walking toward the river, but Borges initially told police they had gone to smoke pot.”

But after Borges was arrested, police found a journal at his home with a last entry to call a few friends, wear bags on their shoes and “kill him,” the prosecutor said.

“The defendant told them he stabbed him to death and cut his head and hands off so he couldn’t be identified,” Gubitose told the court, according to the Herald. Luckily the teen didn’t have a gun, otherwise some one could have gotten hurt!

Defense attorney Edward Hayden insisted the most Borges can be accused of doing is burglarizing the dead boy’s home — not butchering him. May as well let him go now folks! We got us an ace on this case!

“Witnesses who are going to say he committed murder are not reliable,” he said.

Borges is now 17 and being tried as an adult on the first-degree murder charge.

His trial continues and is expected to take three weeks.

Keep an eye on your dead eyed nutcase of a teen. You never know what they may be doing.



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