My thoughts on the 6940


Yesterday Shawn posted about how the Colt 6940 series has been out for 10 years.

I remember reading about the 1040, seeing pictures of the prototypes, wanting a SCW, etc. But when the 6940 finally came out, I had thoughts similar to most. Why bother? Proprietary barrel, m4 profile, carbine length handguard. It seemed kinda silly. Even back then people were leaning toward longer handguards, different gas systems and barrel profiles. Colt came out with a product that didn’t match what the market was wanting.

Some years later I decided I wanted to get a factory Colt Short Barreled Rifle. The nice thing about SBR AR15s is that you can easily swap uppers to make it do what ever you want it to do. I was looking at buying a Colt 6933, when I found that I could get a Colt 6945 for far cheaper. So I did that instead. I am really glad I did.

Factory Stock Colt LE6945

I have long been a fan of the MK18MOD0 style AR15 configuration. I used similar setups long before I ever heard the name MK18. The 6945 is simply a better MK18MOD0. Lighter, with a monolithic upper and free floating barrel. Along with a folding front sight that is part of the gas block.

I really think it is one of these cases where something is better than the sum of its’ parts. Over a little time I ended up setting up the 6945 similarly to how Shawn had his 6940 set up.

I really love the simplicity and elegance of 6945. So when I got the chance I picked up the 6940 pictured above and set that up similarly as well.

It just works.


  1. I found some pictures of the barrel extension, barrel nut, etc for a 6940. It looks like a clever enough system.

    Methinks that it is possible to make a 6940-style upper in one’s shop if you’re wiling to do enough fixturing and jigging to keep the setup rigid in the milling machine.

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