Hoo boy. Where to begin with this one. It was even hard to come up with a title for this pure plutonium of insanity. This is the kinda of story you know right off had to come from Russia.

It started off like just any other run of the mill night for young up and coming doctor Mikhail Tikhonov . Out with his new “lady”, drinks and a good time,then back to her place for a little normal hetero activity. Or so he thought. Things went downhill from there.

“He had been on a night out with Nina Surgutskaya, 25, in Kursk, before going back to her flat, he said”.

“The pair were having sex when he realised that she was ‘transsexual’ and had undergone surgery.”

“He immediately strangled her on her bed and then to hide the murder, dismembered her corpse, he told police interrogators”

After finding out his new GF wasn’t his GF after al, Mikhail did not react well at all. He proceeded to go Crazy Ivan all over his qusai-girlfriend.

‘She tried to continue the sex, but at that moment he grabbed her by neck and squeezed tight,’ said the police source.

‘He stopped only when she had no more signs of life.’

Tikhonov then ‘decided to get rid of the body’ and took the corpse to the bathroom where he ‘cut out her internal organs’, and chopped them into small pieces which he flushed down the toilet.

He then carved off the woman’s flesh which he ‘put into the into the oven’, roasting them ‘to evaporate excess liquid’. 

The crime scene in the eastern city of Kursk where police discovered a number of items of clothing


The crime scene in the eastern city of Kursk where police discovered a number of items of clothing

He then put the head and limbs into a suitcase and took them to his flat, according to the crime report.

Using a rasp, he sawed off limbs and ribs and threw them into rubbish bins.

At this point, police came to detain him.

They found the macabre sight of the head still attached to the spine, which he had covered in salt ‘to get rid of the smell’.

‘He had no time to get rid of these body parts as he was caught,’ according to one report.

Tikhonov, who was trained as a doctor, faces up to 20 years in jail if convicted of murder and mutilating the corpse. Nice to see the US isn’t the only country with a idiotic justice system. Of course murdering a trans person in the US would be auto-death. No trial. Straight to the gas chamber these days. Cause we all know it’s more bad to kill some people than it is others.

With a cool head like that, you know he made a very good doctor.

Things took a turn for the EC horror comics in a flash but I can’t help but to point out that had the ex-dude been honest with Doc Mangler up front he/she may still be alive. Honesty is indeed the best policy.

Mikhail Tikhonov confessed to the murder shortly afterwards


Mikhail Tikhonov confessed to the murder shortly afterwards



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