Reimagining the Surefire 6p


I had been looking for a “better” flashlight to take the place of the 6p I have been carrying around for a while. The factory 6p is fine but I, like most folk, had a burning desire for something more.
After recently acquiring a m600df I had decided that if I didnt have to use cr123a’s ever again then that would more than fine with me.

Unfortunately after perusing the Surefire website they did not have an option for a simple flashlight that accept 18650s as its standard. Well, outside of a model that is “intellibeam” and I wasn’t about to fumble around with a series of click to get it to light up without auto-adjusting the output.

Without there being any options within the brand that I prefer to buy readily available for me to pick up I was left to my own devices, which would be a 23/32 drill bit and a bench vise.

After removing the head of the flashlight and o-rings I began drilling starting at the head end of the body. After about an hour of light pressure, couple breaks, I had bored it out wide enough for a Samsung 25r to slide in and out without any resistance.

shake can magic

Brighter than the Sun

Lastly we have the drop in LED upgrade. While 300 some odd lumens were fine and all I was able to find a two pack of drop in LED heads for $20 on amazon that put out 1200 lumens. Talk about a lot of bang for your buck.

Although the item is listed as working in 6p’s I found it to be impossible to screw the head on all the way after installation. After I removed the larger spring around it I was able to screw the head down completely.

All in all, I could not be happier with the fruits of my labor.

Here we are again with after a sage green paint job, used a matte high heat engine clear coat to help it last a bit longer.


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