Ah spring time. That time of year when people fall in love, propose, get married. All that stuff. And with it comes that familiar old story. You know the one. Boy meets girl. Boy and Girl fall in love. Boy’s troubled past makes him more attractive to girl. Boy gets tired of girl and falls in love with his axe. Boy hacks up girl and girl’s friend. Cops find out boy’s troubled, brooding past is full of such romantic tropes as strangulation, robbery, assault. . It’s the stuff that makes middle age women spend millions every year on romance novels and movies. And one lucky gal got to ( maybe)live that tale as old as time.

The prince charming of this love story. Mr. 187 himself.

A Facebook post from Angela Valle showing her boyfriend Jerry Brown.

What a dream boat!

He calls himself “Grim Creepa.” And before he allegedly hacked her nearly to death with an ax, his girlfriend called him “Mr. 187” — street slang for murderer.”

Nickname checks out.

Law enforcement sources on Saturday night confirmed that they have charged this man in the ax attack on two young moms that left one dead and another fighting for her life.

The suspect, violent ex-convict Jerry Brown, 34, was charged early Sunday with murder, attempted murder, and criminal possession of a weapon, for the ax, police said.

More charges were still pending, law enforcement sources said.

Brown has 13 prior arrests, including for assault, robbery, burglary and strangulation, along with the more minor offenses of turnstile jumping and drinking in public, sources said.

He was being held in a psychiatric lockup, the sources said.

I already can see the angle going to be used by his defense lawyer…

He was arrested in Manhattan at around 3 p.m., the sources said, and has admitted to being at the scene of the murder, the sources added.

The attack left Savannah Rivera, 20, the pregnant mom of a three-year-old son, dead from near-decapitation

The suspect knew both women, police have said.

But social media posts show Brown was dating Valle as recently as last month.

Valle’s Facebook posts from November through March were filled with affection for her beau, who she calls “Grim Creepa. Isn’t that sweet?

“My heart,” she called him in one post from late December. He must have wanted to take her up on that offer.

Chillingly, just six weeks ago, she posted a photo of him sitting shirtless on a messy bed.

My f–king man doe!!!” she gushed. “Mr. 187 him self,” she added, a reference to Section 187 of the California penal code, the section that encompasses homicide. It’s a staple reference in gangsta rap.

I think it’s a valid question to ask. If you give your boyfriend the nickname mister murder, can you really be surprised when he hacks you up with an axe? I also have to know if before he started did he kick it off with a horror movie one liner and say ” Can I axe you a question baby?”

The two victims have cosmic levels of bad judgement but a now deep understanding of irony. Cue the Curb your enthusiasm theme song.


Victims Savannah Rivera (L) and Angela Valle (R).


  1. The “187” label for murder (or homicide) comes from the California Penal Code. California PC Section 187 involves murder, homicide, etc.

    Proving again that California’s influence on criminal activity in this country is outsized and needs to be addressed.

      • Pfah. This is yet another case of female hypergamy and thug worship. Allow me a moderate rant here…

        It’s a well known issue for those of us who have carefully observed the female sex: There are women who gravitate to bad boys, and the worst of this oh, about one-fifth of the female cohort, gravitate to straight-up thugs and murderers. These women are captivated by the sociopathic confidence and self-certainty of these thugs.

        There’s very little sympathy to be rendered to these women. They’re letting their loins do the thinking, the female version of a guy’s little head doing the thinking instead of the big head, with utterly predictable results. Guys like “Grim Creepa” exhibit what is known as the ‘dark triad’ of personality traits, and it makes a certain type of female get an acute case of tummy tingles. I’d see an entry-level version of this nonsense in action in nightclubs in the 80’s: women would put out for a different sociopathic jerkboy every week, then spend the rest of the week drippy-eyed that he never called after Sunday morning. By next Friday, she’d be swapping bodily fluids with yet another jerk. Lather, rinse, repeat.

        Along the way, these sorts of women would lament to friends and co-workers how they could “never find a nice guy.” I made one such female howl in indignation when I observed one Tuesday morning (after listening to her latest tale of woe and insult) “Well, since you’re so busy putting out for jerks, maybe nice guys figure you’re not actually interested in nice guys, and they would be better off looking somewhere else…” That was some quality entertainment, let me tell you. A whole lot of “how dare men judge me!” and my retort “Well, actions tend to speak louder than words… and your actions say ‘no nice guys need apply.’ ” Indignant ranting, tears, sobbing, blah, blah, blah. MInd you, many of these women looked quite attractive and well put-together. Snappy dressers, nice car, good job, good educations, etc. They were just a mental mess, that’s all.

        You can see an extreme variant of this mentality going on in the white females who were raised in middle to upper class circumstances in the US or Europe who seem to “suddenly” up and convert to Islam and then hike their lily-white posteriors down to ISIS-land to marry some jihadi goat molester, and then start whelping young bomblets.

        This case was just a low-rent version of all of the above. Touching romance, indeed. (cough)

        • My story is not quite as interesting but years we were in the car with a similar situation and I called my friend a “base rat” (oweing to a very specific taste ha) A few minutes late I hear from the back, “you jerk, you made her cry!” And my reply was a “what? it’s true.”
          The guy who was there with me still laughs his ass off at that story.

          • Nah, most of them were just young goofballs, but she was just slumming her was through everything in a uniform. (well a specific uniform I guess) then trying to act like “oh woe is me I can’t find a steady/nice guy.” Don’t hang out by the gate every weekend maybe.
            Just to be clear not bagging on the military just the banging anything that moved in camo and trying to act like it’s all just bad luck or bad guys.

  2. Tradition.
    We have been offing each other with axes for thousands of years, Stone, Bronze, Iron and Steel.
    It’s traditional.
    And there’s that wonderful crunchy satisfaction you can only get with an axe.

    By definition half the populace has an IQ of less than 100.
    And iirc 15% of the population is seriously mentally or emotionally disturbed.
    That’s better than 45 Million in the USA alone.

    Sleep well.


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