A look at the Rail Scales LDAG


A while back I picked up a LDAG from Railscales. I had seen a couple of great reviews about it so I decided I wanted to try one.

It is bigger than your average handstop, but smaller than the stubby vertical grips. One side is 90 degrees from the rail and the other angled at 70 degrees. One of the major draws of this is that texturing on it.

The LDAG has a very grippy texture with out being sharp.

I’ve seen people claim that the LDAG (and similar) are not vertical grips because of the angle and that they are designed to be hand stops. Because of that some people will mount them to pistols, like this photo taken from the internet.

Photo was posted on AR15.com

Personally, I wouldn’t want to be the test case for the legality of that.

The LDAG is a very nice piece of kit. The only downside I can find with it is the cost. List price is $129.

In perspective, a stubby Tango Down grip is lighter, and half the cost.

Continuing with that example, if you take the cap off the TD Stubby grip, it is similar in length, and even lighter still. So if you don’t need the angle and form of the LDAG, there are far cheaper options to achieve the same goal.

Frankly, the LDAG falls into the “gucci gear” category of stuff. It is something you could live without, and the type of thing someone would buy mainly as a status symbol. For example, you guys all can see how awesome I am because I have one.

So if you want one, get it. If cost is a concern, there are plenty of cheaper options.


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