Kevin O’Brien


It’s been two years now since we lost out friend Kevin. Most readers of this website know him as “Hognose” where he wrote daily on his website Weaponsman. They know because they read Kevin’s site as often as I did, which is to say multiple times a day.

I know many of you would see some story in the news, be it gun, military, LE or crime, and couldn’t wait to read Kevin’s take on it. I know because I still get that first thought when I see some crazy news story or happening in the gun world and I know you do to because many of you have mentioned it in the comments. Kevin would give a hot take better than any one else and it was a pleasure to read what he had to say.

Kevin was very good to this website. He started his site at nearly the same time as we did looserounds. within the same year and month. Kevin spoke about us in one of his earliest weapons website articles and the link back to it is how I found Kevin’s site and became friends. He was also a big fan of the work done by Dan before he moved his timeline over here and was happy to see Daniel move the 5.56MM timeline to LR when he needed a home for it. I am sure many of you found us through Kevin and vice versa. For that we owe him big. Kevin’s fans that came here from his website are our best commenters and we really appreciate you guys coming over. I hope we have given you some one of the same feeling of community feel that was shared on weaponsman.

Since Kevin left us waaaaaay too early we have been reposting select articles to save just in case. Later I contact Kevin’s brother and he gave us permission to preserve and curate Kevin’s website. This is a great honor and we promised Kev’s “Blogbrother” to maintain it as long as me and Howard are alive, and Daniel as well for that matter. AS you noticed this week we finally have a copy of it up since the original went down. We are working on that too and Howard can answer any questions about that in comments if you have them.

I wanted to do something grandiose for Kevin today and have something big for you guys and to honor Kevin but after talking it over with Howard, decided this year we would keep it low key. I hope that you guys want to talk about and Kevin in the comments with me. Kevin’s brother does come here and he does read things so if you want to say anything to him in the comments I think he will appreciate it. He is doing well and misses his bother of course. He still is dealing with some of Kevin’s estate. He can post a comment the same as everyone and hopefully he may say a few things and update us on how the kit airplane is coming along.

Let’s remember Kevin today and be grateful we had the pleasure of his company, through his website or otherwise.


  1. Rest in peace Kevin,miss your literary antics and really wish had caught a ZZ top show with ya’s,they rocked the house in Hampton right down the road from your home!

    I will next time in region go to the Boscawen site and have a shot of diet Dr. Pepper(eh,a acquired taste I am sure!)to you and your brothers and sisters in arms who have moved on to the next chapter.

    Thanks loose guys for keeping him and works alive.

  2. I don’t remember how I found your site; but I do remember you mentioning soon after I did. I then went over there and was awed by Kevin’s writing and knowledge of weaponry.
    My uncles taught me to shoot when I was 11 or 12 around 1963 or 64 and I’ve been at it ever since.
    No one could tell a story or put a better/more accurate spin on a news item than Kevin. His perspective on things shooting was exquisite, backed by plenty of solid knowledge.
    I miss him.

  3. I’m always wondering what he would have thought…and written for us…about the wacky things happening every day. I sure do miss him and the rest of the WM community of gimpy old grunts and gunslingers.

    I found you guys through WM and always look forward to you work too.

    Much respect to y’all for keeping his memory alive. It’s greatly appreciated.

    Cheers from Australia

  4. Same here, greatly missing him.


    Not a single day without remembering his unique style and humour, the wide range of topics, his profound knowledge and idiosyncratic wit, and PMing about all sorts.

    Methinks he´d be pleased to see his readers and commenters gathering around here.

    Many thanks for keeping the ashes and carrying the torch.

    RIP Hognose and bestest wishes to Blogbro and family.


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