Finished the M203 side folding project


My hobby is to spend my money on pointless projects.

So a while back I bought a M203. I got the classic underbarrel design as that is what I really wanted. But I know that it isn’t practical for me to be leaving a M203 on a rifle, so I got a LMT stand alone mount. This let me use the M203 by it self, while retaining the ability to quickly remove the M203 and put it on a rifle should I choose to.

Picture from 2 weeks ago when I was talking about rear sights.

The LMT stand alone stock is pretty awesome, but I then decided that I wanted a folding stock.

Many people here, would just say, “Howard, why don’t you buy the FAB M203 folding stand alone unit?”

Image result for fab m203

Well I have a few answers to that:

  • The FAB unit is not quick detach. I can not easily remove the M203, and mount it on a rifle.
  • I am told you have to remove the backplate of the M203 to mount it on the FAB unit, and swap that back out should you want to rifle mount the M203.
  • Lastly and most importantly, I think the FAB until is fugly and looks like old tapco crap.

Now, the FAB FD-203 is probably a great product, but I have no interest in it. Cause it is even uglier than I am.

So when I saw that KNS made an adaptor that would allow for mounting the new Sig folding stocks, I got interested.

The KNS adaptor allows for replacing a buffer tube with a rail section. This allowed me to install a SIG side folding collapsing stock.

Now lets take a look at that first picture again:

Is it a perfect setup? No. You can’t easily reload while the stock is folded as the barrel will catch on the stock. The SIG collapsing stock is slow and awkward to adjust length. But I like this. It is smaller to pack, feels handier, and just looks cooler.

I can also remove the SIG stock quickly with a Torx bit to have a pistol grip only 203.

Final thoughts:

KNS rail adapter is well made and awesome. I wish it was cheaper, but it was worth it.
SIG Side Folding Collapsing Stock is nice, but not great. Little awkward to use, could be nicer.
And M203s are always fun.



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