New toys for my 203


Spent more money on stuff I don’t really need. I picked up a couple more sights for my M203. Fortunately I was able to get some open box items and didn’t have to pay full price. M203 accessories are expensive!

First, lets take a look at the L3C Rail Mounted Quadrant Sight.

The L3C is set up like any other quadrant sight, but attaches to a side rail instead of the carry handle. I intend to modify this one to have a red dot in place of the iron sights.

In the Corps, we felt the leaf sight was good enough for most purposes, but the quadrant sight was prefered when you are trying to hold a higher level of precision. Not only does it adjust out to 400m, unlike the leaf sight that stops at 300, it made hitting smaller targets, like putting rounds in a window easier.

This sight I received had a huge amount of play in it. I found the screw that holds the pivoting section was loose. Tightening that took all that slack out of the sight.

Next up is a KAC M203 Leaf Sight.

The KAC unit is much lower profile than the rail grabber M203 sight. It is standard issue in the USMC.

The leaf sight allows for adjusting from 50m to 300m with the M203. This sight is much lower profile than the rail grabber I am currently using.

Here it is beside the current rail grabber sight. You can see the milled aluminum body of the KAC sight looks sleeker and (to me) stronger than the rail grabbers stamped steel body.

The main thing I don’t like about the rail grabber is that huge honking knob sticking out the side.

So the next time I go to the range, I am going to replace the rail grabber with the KAC sight and rezero. The A2 windage knob on the KAC sight makes it easier to adjust.

The only downside I could see with the KAC sight over the rail grabber is that the KAC sight can not flip back farther from its upright deployed position. The rail grabber leaf can move farther. That makes me think that if it were dropped, the leaf sight on the KAC would be more likely to be damaged. But, I don’t ever remember seeing on of these damaged while I was in the Corps. Probably a non-issue.

Anyways, just felt like sharing.


  1. what front sight are you using in conjunction with the leaf? I’m waiting for my standalone stock to arrive and need a good front sight.

    • I used a Daniel Defense front sight as I could get it cheap and I figured it looked good. Any standard height front sight will work.


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