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Got an email from someone today after I pointed out an oversight on their part.

Recoil damage to my brain is a very sad thing.

I had a laugh, I just had to share that.

The UK Sun reports how horrible it is that young people are posting sexy photos of them selves with firearms.

Don’t these women know they are suppose to be victims?

The Sun makes statements like, “The preferred gun of mass murderers — the AR-15 — is also the preferred gun of the sexy Millennials of Instagram. ” Yup, good looking women are posting pictures of them selves armed, real tragedy there, right?

How about this. The New York Times did some research, and wrote an article about how bigger bullets do more damage. Look at this quote:

The Bigger the Bullet, the Bigger the Hole.

Super Genius Mr. Zimring

I’m sure it took them years of scientific testing to find that out. No 5 year old kid could have said that. Wait wait, it did take years, according to them:

It took five years of shootings for the researchers to collect enough data to draw firm conclusions.

“As far as I know, everyone in the field believes bigger-caliber handguns are more lethal than smaller-caliber handguns — it’s a nonissue,” said Gary Kleck…


Guess we all should be voting .45 ACP on that poll running right now, right? ->

“Would we have done still better with smaller guns and if we had stuck with Saturday night specials?” Mr. Cook said. “The answer is sure, absolutely. I think the shift towards more reliable and more high-powered guns has been contributing to the deadliness of gun violence.”

I think they want us to politely ask all the bad guys to only carry .22s.

If you feel like having a laugh, read the article here.

Another example given of the terrible and evil “gunporn” that exists.


  1. The tools that are the most effective for self-defense are also the most effective for murder. Fine: ban AR-15s. Any schmuck with a lever-action .357 could match the Parkland shooter’s record. Are we going to ban those too? I thought nobody wanted to ban my hunting rifle!

  2. There was an excerpt over at captains journal of some waste of skin railing against precision bolt guns. No joke. I remember thinking a few years ago that after they ban semi autos then it would be bolt guns (because who needs that much range and precision unless you’re an assassin etc. Etc. ) and here they are tipping their hand proving me right.

    And more on topic anytime someone from county x complains about us my first thought is “and when was the last time any one respected your countries opinion?”

  3. I detest the phrase “Gun Violence”, it’s straight out of the Edward Bernays playbook and a fine example of the illusory truth effect.
    Ask most Americans what word comes to mind when they hear the word “Gun” and it will be “Violence”, 15 years or so of indoctrination by the MSM on behalf of our betters has worked.
    I have pissed of several people by asking them three questions
    1) “does Gun Violence concern you?”
    2) “In you opinion are some guns more violent than others?”
    3) “Do you think that having these violent guns take anger management classes before being sold to the public help?”
    Most people don’t like having it pointed out that they are indulging in magical thinking, it’s wise to keep that in mind.

  4. BAP45: Back in the 90s there was chatter from the gun banners about banning precision bolt guns. They had already sort-of banned scary-looking guns, and it looked like handguns or bolt guns were next on the menu.

    • I remember people saying that no hunter needed a rapid fire pump action or lever action, those are just excessive and for killing. A side by side or single shot bolt action was enough.
      Also scopes, all scopes are sniper scopes and unsporting. A real hunter doesn’t need a scope. We need to take scopes away from people or they might all snipe each other.
      It gets worse.


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