Haley Strategic Thorntail 2


Shawn and I have both been using the original Thorntail offset light mount from Haley Strategic for a while now. I needed a couple more, so I bought the new Thorntail 2. As you can see above, the new version has some fancy machining so that you can mount a scout light slightly higher or lower than before.

For example, in the picture above, being able to mount the light slightly lower helps it clear the body of the front sight. With the previous version of the Thorntail the light would have rubbed up against the front sight in this setup.

Haley Strategic offers several different light/accessory mounts as well. For example this is a picture of the older Thorntail 1 for the M9XX/M620 lights.

Take a look at these mounts if you are looking at a way to get your weapon to to hug closer to the hand guard.


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