Late last year Colt sent me the “trooper” M4 carbine which came with the centurion M-LOK rail. Normally I am a quad rail guy. So I didn’t have any parts on hand to adapt the gun for my needs. I looked around for a bit and wasn’t impressed with magpul’s MLOK crap and everyone else seemed to have only parts of the ( in my opinion) inferior keymod stuff. I remembered Arisaka Defense made MLOK parts. I ordered a few things from them to give them a try.

Above you can see the sling mount of course. Very well made part with rotation lock. Which I appreciate to no end. It is pretty damn low profile to boot. I like it a lot, Hard recommend.

The other part I ordered was the vertical foregrip. Love it. It is just the right size and it is metal and not plastic.

I don’t have much more to say about these at the moment since a full article on the gun is upcoming. I can tell you right now I really like the Arisaka stuff. It’s well made and tough and its not insanely high priced. You do get more than you pay for i think. I’d rate it right up there with KAC stuff at the moment.


    • I didn’t know Shawn was making this post. I just ordered a few things from them the other day and they should show up any time now.

  1. The Magpul options that are metal; rails, bipod and sling mounts and such are good, in my humble opinion. The plastic stuff, well, it is what it is. I’ve got one of the scope leveling tools from Arisaka some years back and like it. Very simple design.

  2. For me it came down to the Magpul vs Arisaka MLOK sling mount, and I choose Magpul for a single reason: it’s made of steel instead of aluminum, as in the case of Arisaka. Otherwise I love all the Arisaka MLOK/Keymod accessories, simple, effective, and well made.

    • Just as an FYI, Magpul lists their M-Lok QD sling mount as being aluminum, not steel.

      Shawn, Howard, thanks for mentioning us! As mentioned in the past, I’m a long time reader of your site, ever since Hognose linked to you.


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