A look at a Colt AR6951 – Part 1 – AKA I got sent some crap from a scammer.


A had a notion to buy one of these for a while. Colt makes them in batches and it seemed like each time in the past 2 years I saw them everywhere cheap, then as soon as I decide to get one the supply dried up and the prices sky rocketed.

I had recently used a Colt 6991 upper, similar to this one but 10.5 inch barreled. I had built in into a pistol configuration and ended up deciding that I didn’t care for that. I sold that upper and ordered a factory rifle, the AR6951 off Gunbroker. That is probably my first mistake.

An aside, pistol caliber carbines (PCC) are greatly growing is popularity currently. They had pretty much been written off as obsolete compared to the short barreled rifle. Now newer options like the CZ Scorpion EVO 3, Sig MPX, affordable MP5 clones, and all manner of other new guns give people more choices. These PCC have low recoil, less flash and blast than a full power rifle, cheap ammo, and are just fun. I stuck with the 9mm AR in the Colt pattern as I already have mags and am familiar with the system. If I were starting from scratch I think I would go with the MPX.

Anyways, back to my mistake. I sorted by cheapest and saw a cheap AR6951 on Gunbroker. It looked like it had a cosmetic issue, so I contacted the seller:

The seller said it was oil
It wasn’t oil

So the gun had a cosmetic flaw the seller lied about right out of the box. I wouldn’t really have cared about this issue except for the fact that the seller outright lied about it.

The seller is “Daves Guns” – David Smith AKA BulletKnife (sgteds@aol.com).
I highly recommend against buying from him.

Normally I am against naming and shaming online, but what is the value of having a gun website if you can’t call out a scumbag in our gun community?

He also left me negative feedback about this on Gunbroker. That is what I get for buying from a scammer.

Had I been smart, I would have just rejected the gun when I first saw that at my dealer and had it returned for a refund. Of course, I’m not smart.

It gets worse.

The gun is all fucked up.

There are 2 major issues that prevent proper functioning.

First the changing handle binds in the upper. If you pull the charging handle back, the charging handle has so much friction is prevents the bolt from being able to close completely. I had initially figured there was a burr or some little easily solvable issue that would go away with cycling it a few time with some oil. I was wrong.

Using that charging handle in a different upper would cause the same issue, another charging handle in that upper worked fine. That shows that the issue is an bad charging handle.

I hate to admit it, but I spent a long time with a pair of calipers trying to figure out what part of the charging handle was out of spec. Turns out it is either bent or warped. It instead of being straight it is arched, and that causes the excessive friction when it is nearly closed.

The second major, but slightly lesser issue, is that the bolt catch is not under spring pressure. Normally there is a spring and detent providing keeping the bolt catch down.

On this rifle the bolt catch can flop around. While this won’t stop normal functional most of the time, it does give the chance for the bolt catch to pop up at the wrong time and lock the action open while you are firing.

There were also other minor issues with this rifle. The latch on the stock was installed wrong and the receiver extension is crooked.

I can’t believe this rifle left Colt’s factory like that. I mean, any one of the issues maybe, but not all of them.

  • Blemished Upper
  • Bent Charging Handle
  • Incorrectly Installed Bolt Catch
  • Incorrectly Installed Stock Latch
  • Crooked Receiver Extension

That is 5 issues. I don’t see how someone could have assembled the rifle with that charging handle and NOT noticed that something was wrong.

There is more to this story, and not all of it is good. Standby for part 2.

In any event, there is no way I could recommend this Colt product to anyone. I also have to recommend against buying from David Smith of Laramie WY.


  1. You most likely got a thrown together upper and lower made to appear to be a Colt gun. Either from Mr. Smith, or from some dude he got it from. The scam being selling a cheap parts gun as a premium name brand one, as opposed to just selling shitty factory seconds as gtg guns.

    Although, I won’t be surprised if it turns out Colt really did make some crap…

    • It certainly is possible the Dave swapped parts out. There was a dealer some years back pulling Colt BCGs out of rifles to sell separately and putting in cheap replacements.
      But this rifle came in a Colt box, with the right serial number, labels, etc. I called Colt about sending it in. I’ll talk a little about that in part 2.

    • I’ve had a fair amount of trigger time behind 3 hipoint pistols and a couple of the carbines. The carbines ran fine, but the bolt handle (literally a bolt) fell off one. The .45 ACP and 9mm pistols worked great. One in 308 was a jam o matic.

  2. Stuff like this is always infuriating. Had a few issues hear and there over the years on ebay. I had a sort of similar issue with gunbroker but I was expecting it and since the price was half of normal I still came out ahead in the end so not the same situation but its definitely out there sadly.

  3. I do hope you get in touch with Colt and see if it their parts/assembly or as readers mentioned a swapping of stuff.

    As you mentioned the easiest thing would have been to return when it didn’t pass inspection.The upside of you taking it for the rest of folks is will be interesting to see if just a deceitful seller on broker or also Colt dropping the ball,best of luck squaring the little dude away.

  4. My experience on gunbroker is that unfortunately, they generally agree w/ the sellers, since those are the folks who pay them.

    A-holes w/ good Terms and Conditions get to continue to be a-holes… Less than 1% of my transactions there, but still a handful of nightmares. So use a credit-card when possible even if a 3-4% fee from the seller.


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