Larue’s new Overkill handguards


Larue Tactical announced 2 new lines of handguards. The Lok*A*Tinny (LAT) and the Slick*A*Tinny (SAT).

The big deal with these is that they are priced at $10 per inch of length. That makes them much cheaper than most all of the competition.

Shawn and I discussed these a little bit, and we shared the same two thoughts. “They are a great deal” and “meh”.

There is nothing new or special about these other than the price. It has an older barrel nut design that requires timing, unlike many newer rail systems. That will make it a little bit harder for the novice to install. No weights are posted, so while I think these won’t be the heaviest rails out there, they certainly will not be the lightest.

I am curious how well people will like them. It is nice to see a quality option at the cheap prices.


  1. I try to be supportive of new stuff coming into the market but the Lok-a-tinny and Slik-a-tinny marketing names are just dumb. I can’t believe they settled on those names.


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