” All through the night of Jan. 11, Michael Redlick lay in a pool of blood on the floor of his home in Winter Park, Fla., while his wife slept, having grown tired from her efforts to wipe all of it away ”  

” The police say they could tell when they arrived the next morning, around 10, that she had been working. “

I think we have all been on some forum some where and read or heard the old chest nut about “the crazy”. It’s often given as sage , wise advice. And it’s just as often ignored because humans have to touch a hot stove at east once to learn the lesson. In old Mike’s case he won’t get to benefit from learning from his mistakes. On Jan 11th Mike found out the hard way that crazy doesn’t always mean divorce, fake pregnancies or stalking. He won’t be posting his hard learned dating or marriage advice on arfcom on this side of perdition though.

” Danielle Justine Redlick was there waiting for them, looking “disheveled,” police said in an affidavit. She had told the 911 operator that her husband, a former NBA executive with the Memphis Grizzlies, had stabbed himself to death. But that already didn’t seem right to police ― in part because she had waited about 11 hours to call them”   

Once the Top Men. deduced there was something fishy about the worst case of suicide they ever saw, they got to wondering if a wealthy man really would stab himself in the back 157 times. They then put to use that tax payer funded training to get to the bottom of this mystery with the help of the dispatcher who took the original call.

“Even the 911 operator seemed suspicious.”

“The call started with Danielle Redlick, 45, saying she believed her husband “might have had a heart attack.” But then she pivoted to say he stabbed himself in the middle of an argument, taking a kitchen knife out of her hand and suddenly jabbing it into his shoulder. The operator, seemingly befuddled, wanted to know: How come she was only just now calling?”

Yeah, um,” she said, hesitating, “I’m on probation, and I was afraid, and I didn’t think anyone would believe me, and I was just trying to get him to wake up.” She added that she was “just exhausted.”

I find her account compelling and credible

More than three weeks later, police aren’t buying it, believing she didn’t call for help the night of Jan. 11 because she didn’t have her story straight”

I don’t know about you but I sure feel safer knowing Top Men like that are out there working around the clock to bring bad guys and bad wahmyn to justice!

It goes on and on to tell the account of what happened and the lead up in the link. As the original creator of this bit used to say, ” do read the whole thing” It is a bit too much for me to give a play by play commentary on as bad as I’m tempted to.

An ex-NBA exec joked he ‘hid the steak knives’ from his wife. Weeks later, she fatally stabbed him, police say.



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