I don’t like “winter” trigger guards

A KAC Winter Trigger Guard next to a Magpul Winter Trigger Guard

A common cheap “upgrade” to the AR15 now is an enlarged “winter” trigger guard. The slightly larger opening is made to allow for the shooter to wear bulky gloves in the winter time.

Not that long ago, there was a company called Tapco that sold some good stuff, and lots of low quality junk. People who wanted to trick out their firearms could cheaply purchase many dubious upgrades cheaply and feel like were improving their firearm. Some people called this “Tapco Fucking” a firearm.

An example of what might be called a “Tapco Fucked SKS” Some good upgrades, lots of cheap flimsy plastic.

Some of Tapco’s stuff was great, like their AK triggers, but most not so much. Their AK triggers, awesome. Their folding stocks, good until they break. When Magpul came around the stuff they made was cheap, and considered to be high quality. They sell a “enhanced trigger guard”. This offers, “It features a shallow “V” shape for better use of gloves in tactical shooting or cold weather operations. The MOE Trigger Guard is non-folding, has rounded edges, and fills the annoying “gap” at the rear of the standard trigger guard.”

I think that is crap. I think the winter trigger guard is a cheap part offered to let you customize your gun, and think you are improving it.

Here is the thing, the standard trigger can be flipped down. This gives even MORE space for gloved hands, and ALSO allows you to shoot if you wearing mittens. A winter trigger guard wont let you do that.

Now I am all for customizing guns, but I think the winter trigger guard is a gimmick.


  1. I’ll admit I have one of those magpuls. Got just to fill the gap since it was chewing up my finger. Honesty would have preferred the thing to be flat instead of bent since out here in the exceedingly rare times you do need a glove it’s usually nothing more that a mechanix or nomex type.
    I guess the beef is more with people thinking they’re “enhancing” it when really it’s just a taste thing.

  2. The original MagPul aluminum offering was twofold; one folding and one fixed. The folding version was nixed after a couple years.
    As for function, if you’re wearing a light utility glove the issue guard is fine for most. Some of the competition for this accessory market has the enlarged opening forward of the trigger which if we’re talking purely function allows more clearance for your finger.
    What we’re not supposed to recognize in the light of day but must accept is simple aesthetics. The MagPul and KAC and other guards just look “cool” in comparison to the issue unit. If people want it on their rifle for no other reason there’s no crime against it. I’d say it’s the least dubious of “upgrades” out there.

  3. I’m just the opposite. I wouldn’t give you 2 cents for the standard trigger guard. I don’t like the hole behind it that cuts into your finger. The Magpul and the BCM trigger guards stop that. I don’t consider them winter trigger guards. I consider them to be the standard that should be on all ARs.


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