Well I am stumped


Israel Defense Forces report on twitter that they found this rifle wrapped up in a blanket.

I’ve been trying to identify a manufacturer, but I have had no luck. Looks like an Ergo (or knock off) grip. A Magpul knockoff stock. Upper may be Chinese made with the upper receiver and hand guards replaced. Funny that the detachable carry handle has no rear sight.

What is most interesting to me is that it is drilled for an auto sear, and the cut near the rear of the lower is similar to the M16A1 reinforcements.

The rifle is clearly a mismatch of parts, but I’m not sure who made the lower receiver. It doesn’t match any of the foreign AR15s I know of (not Chinese, Turkish, German, Canadian, etc). I took a look at airsoft rifles and didn’t see any machined the same as this lower. So, I’m clueless as to who made this.

Interesting choice to store loose rounds in empty soda bottles. Easy way to protect them from the elements. Shame you can’t just pour the rounds into the gun.



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