Black Wolf Knives Neck/Belt Blade


Today we have another Knife from the excellent custom knife maker, Black Wolf Knives.  This time it’s a smaller neck knife.  These have become common for people to use while in the woods because it can be worn around the neck where it is less likely to be lost.    Of course this also makes a handy way to conceal carry the blade for  self defense. 

The knife comes with  a cord for neck wear and a kydex sheath with an option to run it through your belt. The cord has a clasp that allows it to break away should it get caught on something that is about to break your neck or drag you to some other death.

Above you can see how the  knife closely hugs the belt. This allows for a draw that is amazingly fast. The neck lanyard can be removed or wrapped around the belt to secure it.

The knife itself is the usual outstanding quality and comes suicidally  sharp for a nitwit like me to handle so of course I cut myself with it first thing.  The blade has a durable finish that mimics parkerizing but if you don’t like that you can get a range of style. even mirror polished.   The length keeps it under most states legal limit making it safe to CCW if you aren’t in a free state.  The knife is small but still the same  excellent quality as the rest of the hand made custom blades from the maker.

And of course thanks to the rivets you can lash the sheath to most gear.


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