Don’t get injured in training.


I was sent this video on how not to get injured in martial arts training, this is just too important to not share.

I hurt one of my shoulders in a training class.  I was working with a partner who was having a hard time, and I was feeling pretty badass since this guy was having such a hard sparing against me.  What was happening was that I was being a bad training partner, and instead of working with my partner, his difficulty with the subject matter was causing him to use more force, moving wildly and out of control instead of practicing proper form.  Due to him not actually using the correct technique, he was being less and less successful and getting more and more frustrated causing him to escalate the amount of force he was using until he injured me.

What I should have done was when my training partner starting having issues, I should have slowed down and helped the person I was working with to do the technique correctly.

Remember, training isn’t about ego or showing off, it is about learning and improving.


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