Winchester Victory Series .30-06 Ammo


Winchester continues with  it’s  making of special edition ammo  in boxes meant to recall the ammo as it was used in WW2.   After the .45ACP ammo from earlier this year, the .30 Cal.  is now finally out.

The ammo is of course meant to mimic standard service  M2 ball round.

Like the 45 ammo, the rifle ammo comes in the special outer wood box with some throw back art work.

The case heads marked “M2” is a nice touch I think.

It is not too expensive  in my opinion.  I would recommend buying at least a box of it if you like this sort of thing.


  1. It is amazing to think back how we believed that we’d never burn through the stocks of surplus M2 ammo. I remember the 1970’s, when I started shooting, and older shooters were telling youngsters that there was so much M2 ball ammo out there, it made no sense to get any other rifle than an ’06.

    And until the mid-90’s, it didn’t.


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