Video: Interview with Jeff Hoffman


Small Arms Solutions interviewed Jeff Hoffman of Black Hills Ammunition and he talks about the history of MK262, MK255, and improvements to M118LR.


Here is a power point with a little more info about MK255 ammunition.  Link here.


  1. I posited Mk255 would be a solution to a response issue our local Security Forces was concerned about. The hang up is that the AF has bought into a different frangible round in 5.56, Federal’s AA40. It’s an “ok” round for training and range use though the pressures are absurd and it has a few other problems. When picking up brass finding blown primers was not uncommon that I had to fight with AFK to scrap an entire lot #. You’d think it would’ve been easier to do in the name of safety but not really. The other quirky thing was that it left piles of unburnt powder at the firing points. It was another, “no, that’s impossible” argument until we took a piece of cardboard and scooped up a pile of it. When lit the expected pyrotechnic display ensued drawing mumbles from the spectators.
    They tell me it’s since been rectified but when they countered my recommendation with reclassifying AA40 to authorized for duty use I cringed. I turned everything I had over to the project officer and washed my hands of it.


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