PSA Harbor Freight Strap Wrenches suck.


Well, most everything from Harbor Freight sucks, but these are especially bad.

I was trying to loosen a PRI hand guard nut (which holds the hand guard on the upper, not the barrel nut) and the strap broke on the smaller of the two pack HF strap wrenches.  So I switched to the larger and and that strap broke.  I tied the smaller strap-wrench strap in a knot, ran it back through the handle and it broke a second time.  I did the same with the larger wrench (as pictured above).  And managed to get the job done.

So, lessons learned. . .

Improve adapt and overcome?

Don’t buy crap tools?

Use a more modern hand guard?

Use it as an excuse to write on a website?



  1. Most of HF tools are of very poor quality.

    There are some HF tools that, if you use them infrequently and the better alternatives are too high in price to justify the expenditure, can be justified. Most cannot.

    HF jacks, jackstands, chains, slings and other weight-bearing tools are not to be trusted under any circumstances. Ever.

    • Yup, I’ve only purchased from them when I needed something quickly that I figured would only be used once. This is the second time I used a strap wrench. Except for PRI tubes, I’ve managed to get by in life with out one.


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