Secure your zippers


When Shawn and I started this blog our original intent wasn’t to write articles but to just do little quips and tips.  A year or two ago when we were talking about the site Shawn commented on how we never really did that.

I was thinking about that when I was packing up at the range last Saturday.  Then I remember something I overheard in Iraq.

One of the team leaders, a charismatic young Corporal, well telling one of his team to move the zippers on his backpack all too one side.  After telling him to do so he pulled his entire team together and started to explain why.

He said that back when he was a kid he would tag (graffiti vandalism).  One time he was spray painting his tag when he saw the cops come up.  So he threw the can in his bag and went to run away.  But since he had zipped up the bag near the top:

Since he had zipped up the bag near the top, when he snagged on something as he ran from the cops, it pulled his backpack open spilling out paint cans and school work.

He was unable to convince the cops that he was not the graffiti artist.  They took him to his home and he got in a great deal of trouble.  But, as this Corporal pointed out, he could have avoided all of that had he pulled his zippers all the way to one side.

I can’t recall ever having an issue with a bag pulling open, but I haven’t forgotten that little bit of advice.

I started using the zippers on my rifle case to tell me which side the muzzle of the rifle is on.  Due to the shapes and configurations of some of my rifles, they fit best into the case in different directions.  So, I keep the zippers on the case on the muzzle side of the firearm so I instantly know which direction the gun is pointing in the case.


  1. On some hard cases I put a sticker on the exterior so I knew which way the muzzle was pointed when I opened it. Some ranges are rather strict about that.


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