Retro – Surefire M25


Last week I went and bought another something that I really don’t need.  A Surefire M25 from CDNN.  It showed up today.

This is from the dark and early days of primitive weapon lights.  The manual has a revision date of 1-1-2006.  So by weapon light standards, this is positively ancient.

This Surefire M25 I received from CDNN looks nearly new.  Just a few scuffs and marks on it.

A little wear, but hardly anything on the one I got.  I read that some other people that purchased them got some pretty beat up units.

This is similar to the old Laser Products/Surefire 6P.  Uses 2 CR123s and has a P60 bulb.  The P60 will put out about 65 lumens of light for 1 hour.  This was a massive improvement over the giant Maglites.

Back when I was using Surefires like this as weapon lights, I liked to replace the bulb assembly with a P61 that gave us an insane 120 lumens for 20 minutes.  The weapon lights were often just pulsed, so I didn’t need longer run time.  As for a flash light carried in my pocket, I preferred the longer run time of the P60.

While newer LED bulbs have rendered these obsolete, they still perform well.

The M25 only puts the light on the right side of the front sight base it is clamped on.  You can move the light back some in the ring is it mounted in, but the large tail cap will hit the hand guard pretty quickly.



  1. Your light looks great and you can’t beat it for the price. It is really a great deal.

    I finally ordered one tonight for $49. It will not come with a tape switch but I am ok with that. I have about 11 Surefire weapon lights in my 15 or so weapon light collection.

    • I saw that some people were selling just the mount for $100.
      I like how it feels on the 733, but I don’t think it will stay on that gun. Would rather not have the light right next to the muzzle.

  2. My primary interest in the light is to add a legacy Surefire design to my collection that I can use and mess around with. I have several different Surefire mount types and this old, used light will give me the opportunity to set up some of these other older Surefire mount configurations (M10, M11, M14, etc.) and take some photos along with handling analysis. A significant majority of the weapon mounted lights in my collection are newer ‘Millenium’ series lights that are new in the box so I have resisted truly using them to this point.

  3. I would not like a light at the muzzle either. My interest in this legacy Surefire weapon light is that it will give me a weapon light to try with some of the other Surefire mount configurations that I have (M10, M11, M14, etc.) which I will photograph and do some manipulation analysis. A significant majority of my weapon light collection is from the Surefire ‘Millenium’ series and are new in the box. I do have a few legacy Surefire lights that are new in box also like the model 674.

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