Damned Blue Tint (Trijicon Reflex Sight)


I took this pictures a week ago.  I was plinking with an old Trijicon Reflex Sight.

At one point I decided to shoot at the clay pidgeon chips on the berm.  I noticed I was having a little difficulty focusing on them.  Then I realized I was seeing them with my left eye, and couldn’t see the clay pidgeon pieces with my right.

This is what the berm looked like.  Now, here is a picture of me aiming at one of the larger clay pidgeon pieces.

The orange dot is the reticle.  To provide more contrast for that reticle the blue filter on the lens blocked out the view of the clay pidgeons.  I could still hit them, but I had to keep both eyes open.

When I was doing rapid fire on paper, this orange/red dot appeared black through the Reflex sight.


This is not a problem if you have binocular vision, but I think I would have to recommend against a sight with a blue tint if you only had one eye.  The potential to not be able to see details or part of your target is an issue.


    • I don’t know. I received this sight old and abused.
      But I do remember my first RX01 being pretty blue. But I mainly used that in the treeline and in MOUT town.


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