Black Wolf Knives



A few months ago I was sent a couple of hand made custom knives from a Australian  fellow who lives in Japan.  He has been hand  making knives and selling them online.


These knives are the nicest I have ever owned.    The maker details the making of these knives on the facebook page that he uses.  Everything about their construction and the process of making them is first class.   Besides the knives, which he is coming up with more and more models, he make the kydex sheathe for it.  The sheathe above was made at my suggestion, I asked  about the removable holder for the fire making tool and the extra 550 wound into the other side.

The edge is something hard to describe if you can’t handle it yourself.  It is so sharp, handing it to me is a guaranteed way for me to cut myself. I never met a knife I couldn’t end up cutting myself with.  I used this knife to skin and clean a half dozen squirrel this season and cutting through the small arm and leg bone joints makes no difference.   Hot knife through butter is the appropriate old chestnut that comes to mind.    Marc does offer the option of you buying these knives with a mirror polish if you like that better.    The handles are shaped  and ground down and contoured and you can not tell where the metal and handles start and end. Even if you use a thumb nail draw across it, it feel like unbroken glass.

Since I haven’t had much chance to use the two knives ( review for bigger knife coming later) for camping or gutting a deer yet, I am going to limit my talking about it too much for now.

He is coming up with new designs every few weeks so if nothing strikes your fancy on the website, go to the FB page. He unveils the new models there all the time.

Oh and the best part is these knives are sold at a price that would make you think  it was your lucky day.




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