Colt Precision 6.5MM Rifle Teased


I don’t have anything much to add to this or even really say on it as of now. I am a bit behind the last month  as you noticed.  Colt teased some attention grabbing pictures on the colt IG account.   A 6.5 creedmoore   chambered precision AR.   No doubt for tempting the military that seems to be headed to the 6.5  or at least is making some noise about it.    I will try to get all the details on this next week straight from Colt.


  1. I would be very interested in a 6.5 upper for the 901 you guys talked me into buying. Unfortunately in the photo the gentleman in the plaid is completely covering the upper and lower receivers, but it would be hard for me to imagine Colt ginning up a different large-frame AR for the 6.5 when they already have production for the 901 more or less available.


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