Quick look at the BCM KMR handguard


(The shine is from some oil on the hand guard)

I’ve heard a good bit of good stuff about the BCM KMR rails so I finally got to handle one today.  I’m pretty impressed, it is very nice.  It is very light, and very slim.

I’d highly recommend it, and you can get it in either Keymod or M-LOK flavors.

There are a couple little aspects of it I didn’t expect, for example:

For example, the KMR sides are longer than the top and bottom.  So in this case these sides are long enough to prevent mounting anything to this QD muzzle device.

Bravo Companies handguard has a great mounting system where the bolt it on the top of the rail making for a smaller mounting area than the majority of hand guards where the bolt up is on the bottom.  This rail also has an anti rotation device which has a couple of tabs that interface with the upper receiver.  But these tabs can interfere with optics mounts.  For example the optic in this picture had to be moved back a notch in order to clear these anti rotation tabs.


So far I am really impressed with this hand guard, I think it is very nice.  I love how light and small profile it is.  In the case of this particular upper it feels so light and small it is like a toy.



  1. The KMR is pretty sweet, I have used them since they first came out with no issues. The finish on some of the first ones was not that great according to interwebs lore but mine was no problem. The mounting system is solid but on my next build I’m going to spend the extra geld on the titanium barrel nut, I buggered the wrench slots a bit and scratched up the inside of the rail on my first install. The wrench that comes with the system is, in my opinion, the best car stock wrench you can get. Running a light contour barrel the rail heats up pretty qwick in rapid fire but that would probably happen to any rail.


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