USAF M4 Upgrades


This photo has been making the rounds on the usual gun boards lately.   In it you can see a display of some new stuff the AF is reportedly using to upgrade at least some of their M4/M4A1s.   The new uppers with more modern rails being the point of interest.


  1. As I understand it they’re looking to field a more compact carbine with something like a 12″ suppressed barrel and a variable optic.
    Functionally it’s not a bad idea for most duties they (security police/forces) would need a rifle for and I’m saying that from experience. Point defense like gates, resource protection posts, etc didn’t need the full size M16s we carried before the M4s. In and out of vehicles is easier and the preponderance of being dual armed with sidearm and carbine just lessens the load a little too. Even most overseas duties would still be fulfilled though I haven’t seen much on any sort of intermediate or DMR style approach. They may be waiting to piggyback on the Army’s program however.


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