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I don’t have an real content for you guys today, so here are a couple of photos.

Here is a picture of a M4A1 Colt SOCOM profile barrel that has been chopped to 10.3 inches long.  You can see the medium heavy profile and the flats that are unique to the M4A1 SOCOM Profile.  The hammer was used to keep the barrel from rolling off the table.  This is the replacement barrel for that favorite SBR upper of mine where I shot out the original barrel.

I don’t know if they still do, but Geissele triggers used to come with a short pin you could slide into them to hold the disconnector in place when you were dropping the trigger assembly into a lower.  Once the trigger group is in place, installing the trigger pin would push this shorten pin out of place.  This made installing triggers much quicker and easier.

Side note, as I have been playing around with and using that Chaos Ready rear sight, the windage adjustment on it has stiffened up a little.  I think that is a good thing as it was way too easy to adjust earlier.  I will likely update my review to reflect this after the next time I use the sight.


  1. The last Geisselle unit I bought came with a slave pin. I always through the it was a nice touch to include in the package. When installing copious amounts of A2 conversion kits they were a Godsend.

    Did you have Adco do the barrel? I’ve sent them more of my business than I can remember and never had a problem. I need to order some AE brakes from them while I’m thinking about it.


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