Update On Your’s Truly & When Guns Are Outlawed, Only Outlaws Will Have Superglue


I thought I would check in today in case some one, some where in some cave some where that has been wondering about me.    I am unfortunately  still in the process of trying to get myself back to normal.  Long story short. I have a lot of digestive  problems.  Have since I was 17.   Used a medication that worked great for years.  Then it didn’t. Doc started new medicine.  Takes a long time to get that new stuff working. I will spare everyone the less than pleasant details.  Take my word when I tell you that it is exhausting and even writing this took an act of sheer willp0wer.    But I am not gonna die or nothing, much to the disappointment of The Old M14 Boys Club. I’m sure.    I am feeling a bit better every day though at least.    Once I am back I have a few things  that everyone may look forward to.  Inland sent me the T3 carbine for review.  That is the m1 carbine in its Korea war era trim but with a scope base on the receiver which I have mounted a period correct-ish or at least correct-ish looking, weaver 4x to it and It’s pretty nifty.    Also still got the Colt Trooper carbine with MLK rail  that I will  do a test and review.   Non-gun related are a couple of hand made custom knives from Black Wolf Knives that I am pretty sure any knife people will want one or two after seeing them.    I will hopefully be back to daily posting within a few more weeks but until  then I will try to pop in a couple time a week.    Sorry for the delay and I appreciate your patience.


Johnnie Lee Carter courtesy: Odessa Police

“ODESSA, Texas – Authorities have arrested a fugitive Texas father who allegedly beat his 1-year-old daughter and used glue to seal her eyes and mouth.”


You know those mugs they make that says something like “Wold’s Greatest Dad” ?  They most decidedly did not make them with this guy in mind.


“Johnnie Lee Carter, 29, was arrested Monday in El Paso on a felony charge of injury to a child causing serious bodily injury, according to the Odessa Police Dept.

Carter – who fled after police were called to a domestic incident Sept. 16 – choked and punched the little girl before applying super glue to her face, the child’s mother told police.

The woman told investigators that Carter beat the infant because she wouldn’t stop crying…”

There are just some things you see on this world that you almost have a physical reaction to   not unlike how you would react when food poison kicks in.





  1. good to hear that you are getting better.

    had gut troubles and skin flare-ups all my life until going gluten-free 10 yrs ago.

    bestest wishes etc

  2. Hope the new meds/food change,what have you work out and you are back in full operating mode,while am sure could use a break Howard keeping the ship on course.

  3. Well damn. I was gonna tell you to take two motrin, drink a canteen change socks, and rub some dirt on it. Glad you ain’t dead

  4. Having dealt with UC the past couple decades I know gut problems too. Drains the energy right of you. Take it slow and easy. Hope the new treatments work out for you.


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